Friday, March 8, 2013

The Moon

It feels like such a long time since I've written here but I've been busy all the same with future projects! I'll have to wait a while before I can post about those but here's something I've been working on last week:

Love, Luck & Happiness Decal Mural

I had a brilliant request from a lovely person through Spoonflower to adapt the Love, Luck & Happiness calendar for a mural. It was pretty tricky working out all the elements into this format but I love how it's turned out! The measurements left a space at the top of the three 30 inch decals which I filled with another design (of her choice) to cut off and use in another project:

Woodland Mural

This was also originally a calendar and I really enjoyed playing around with the elements to fit the space.

Patrice A. is hosting a drawing challenge over on her blog this week; subject: the moon, so I'm submitting the mural image above. I first came across her work on V's brilliant advent calendar and absolutely love her owl cushion - click through for the links to all contributed moon pictures!


Forest & Sea ▪
hand drawn nature on fabric, accessories & homeware


  1. hello Cally,
    thank you for joining this drawing challenge
    and for your sweet words
    your moon is magical
    and your work looks like
    a Japenese blockprint
    just beautiful

    thank you!!
    Patrice A.

  2. hello Cally, your moonlight on the water looks enchanting, the water lily, the dragon flies, a fairy-tale, i can imagine sitting and look at this scene very quiet and for a long time, beautiful, x

  3. Indeed, very happy and peaceful moon atmosphere. Beautiful and, as Patrice already said, very Japanese Style. Lovely!

  4. Hello Cally, nice to meet you through this Drawing Challenge! Your moon, crane, koi are all lovely. I'd love to be sitting by your water's edge. Have a good week.

  5. Thanks for your kind messages! Very lovely to meet you all too :)

  6. Hello Cally, nice to meet you. I like this calm romantic japanese fairy-tale piece, very very nice.

  7. Hi Cally, I like your moon-picture, especially the softness of it. And the reflection of the light in the water. It works so friendly and calm. I wish you a good week!

  8. oh, you have a Japanese moon over here, very nice!
    all the best!

  9. Hello Cally,
    nice to meet you through the drawing challenge.
    I like your moon very much! Its seems so calming... a japanese moon with the crane and koi, the shimmer of moonlight on the water. Beautiful!


  10. so serene! and peaceful just how one wants to feel gazing at the moon.
    So nice to visit your blog :) Best!

  11. I feel transported to another world gazing at the moon with this lovely heron,Cally. Nice to meet you! -sus

  12. your painting is so beautiful. when I look at your moon, the water, the crane I feel relaxed and happy. thank you and nice to meet you here! :)) mano

  13. Hi Cally, nice silence in your work

  14. beautiful - I love the moonlight!
    x Stefanie

  15. hello!
    dreamy moon reflection too, peaceful setting...

  16. What a beautiful illustration. So tranquil - I love the pattern fading in the sky and again in the water - so lovely...

  17. I'm glad it's still noticeable; the pattern was a lot more prominent in the original! Thanks for dropping by Nicky :)


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