Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new background.

Back in March, I submitted a design for the Joseph Joseph brief. You can see the winning designs here and, although mine isn't among them, I was happy with it. It was the first time I'd used vector graphics and really enjoyed learning on this design but was never satisfied with the blue background (put in at the last minute as a bit of a rush job) so I've updated it to something more me: 

A la Carte on Wood.
I think it makes the fruit and veg colours stand out much better and looks more in context laid out on the chopping board, although it's a weird old mix of photo and vector; still, I like it! Especially the new shadows, which you can see better in the details below. It's a happy coincidence that the crack in the board ended up pretty much on the date line :)

Click for detailed view.
I'm sure I can use it for something kitchen related. I was thinking a calendar or placemats; anyone got any other ideas?


Forest & Sea ▪
hand drawn nature on fabric, accessories & homeware


  1. Beautiful! Love the world as depicted by fruits and veggies, and great job on your digital work... Nice to see the avocado situated here over southern California! :o)

  2. Placemats would be ace or you could do a table runner thing as more of a centrepiece? This reminds me of a rustic wood door with painted details I saw in Spain - makes the colours ping!

  3. Thanks Michele! Californians grow a lot of avocados right? I tried to put everything where it originated but some had to end up with big exporters.. turns out a lot of things originated in 2 or 3 places.

    Brilliant Muna, just what I was aiming at! I like the table runner idea.

  4. Soooo clever! I love it to bits. Well done!

  5. Thanks so much Heather! I'm really glad you do :)


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