Thursday, August 18, 2011

`Apapanes and `Ōhi'a Lehua Blossom

`Apapanes and `Ōhi'a Lehua Blossom for this week's contest at Spoonflower.
`Ōhi'a Lehua trees are amazing: they grow right out of the bare lava on the Hawaiian islands. They're also the main nectar source for `Apapane birds, a type of honeycreeper whose feathers match the colour of the tree's flowers exactly. In this design the grey background represents the lava plain and the top and bottom borders are for the volcanoes and famous ocean surf of Hawaii.

This was made for the Hawaiian contest at Spoonflower that was palette limited to just 3 colours (+ white). You can have a look at all the entries and vote for your favourites here, read more about the birds here or visit the Forest & Sea page on Spoonflower here! I hope everyone's having a good week.

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  1. Dear me, that is so pretty! I just became a member of the Backyard Birder group of LinkedIn. You would enrich that group with your amazing backyard birds.

  2. Thanks Paula! That's very kind - your bird drawings are beautiful!

  3. What great colors, as usual! I'd love to see an apapane- such a brilliant red would be magical in the tropical setting of Hawaii! :o)

  4. Thanks Michele! That would be great, wouldn't it? Ah, one day maybe.. :)


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