Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coffee - Kahvi - Kaffe - Koffie - Café...

.. takes centre stage next week at Spoonflower.

Below are my sketches from Google image search. The idea is to tie my entry in with the Vanilla Bean and Cocoa Pod (as yet unfinished) designs to make a sumptuous group of the world's most popular flavours.
N.B. I'd never have thought it but Europeans drink the most coffee per capita in the world. This post's title is 'coffee' in the languages of the countries topping the list - according to Google translate that is :)

Forest & Sea ▪
hand drawn nature on fabric, accessories & homeware


  1. So beautiful and elegant! I can't wait to see the finished pattern for Spoonflower!

  2. These sketches would make lovely prints for the kitchen.

  3. Thanks Sarah! Good idea Naomi!


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