Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joseph Joseph!

I've been busy the last week or so putting together my entry for the Joseph Joseph worktop saver competition.

I had lots of ideas and was planning on doing all six entries but I've never used vector graphics before and had to learn the program as I was designing this one. Not the best time for it but I'm pretty good at it now! Anyway, I'm pleased with the result, even if it was all lonely in the email, and I love using the vectors!
A la Carte

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Forest & Sea ▪ www.etsy.com/shop/ForestAndSea
hand drawn nature on fabric, accessories & homeware


  1. Hey! New art! Yay! That is awesome. So colorful and well put together. I sure am glad I live in SLC, Avacado. :)

  2. Thanks Rubin! Hah! So you live in the avocado. I live in the olives but am from the mint sprig :)

  3. What a wonderful image Cally... Really Amazing!!!

    I am from the red beans but now living close to the strawberries, haha. :)

  4. Thanks Juan! Red beans and strawberries, both delicious :) It's a small fruit & veg world!

  5. Hi,
    Popped over from Rubin's site. Your watercolors are beautiful! This image is very clever and happy!I like how the fruits relate to their particular region, not just to make up the shapes.Glad to have stopped by! :)

  6. Thanks Malka! I'm so happy you noticed!


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