Friday, March 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: Cultivate

Fertile Crescent
According to Wikipedia (I know, I do not hold back when it comes to research :) ) people first began to cultivate plants for food around 10 000 years ago in the fertile crescent.

I included in my painting:
* some patterns from ancient pottery found in the region
* grains, chickpeas (or garbanzo beans to those of you over the pond), flax and papyrus, some of the first crops to be grown
* the pre-cuneiform pictograms for fish, pot, bird, ox and plough (in the sky)

I really enjoyed painting this one, I hope you like it! Head on over to the Illustration Friday website to see what all those talented peeps have been up to this week.

Forest & Sea ▪
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  1. Ooh, I would like to visit this place one day! Beautiful

  2. Such lovely details! Really nice!

  3. Gorgeous work! So rich in pattern and concept! :o)

  4. This is a lovely piece. I could get lost in all the detail!

  5. Lovely colours!!! Some of those patterns found on archeological finds are gorgeous and they fit in nicely here :D

  6. Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments. If anyone's got any constructive critisim or suggestions I'd love to hear them too! For example, I think the composition is awkward in places and some of the washes got a bit muddy and overworked.. so I think I'll have another go at it :)

  7. Lovely drawing, Cally. You have done research and with your findings you have enriched your work. It is therefore not only a joy to study your drawing; it would be a very nice illustration for an educational book too.

  8. Thanks Paula, great idea! The pictograms and patterns were the most fun to paint.

  9. This is totally rad! I love the constellations in the sky. The colors are simply beautiful. I love the patterns.

    Great work. It's nice to see so much production from you.

  10. Thanks Rubin! You're always so generous and specific in your comments :)

  11. This is really beautiful: the concept, the colors, the details, everything. So good.


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