Friday, February 11, 2011

Illustration Friday: Reverse...


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My painting is based on the rainforests of Madagascar, fourth largest island in the world and sometimes referred to as the ‘eighth continent’ for its unique and diverse wildlife. Only an estimated 10% of Madagascar’s original forests remain.
The following links are some brilliant ongoing projects for reforestation around the globe. Have a look!
There are loads more out there and I'll update this list as I find them. Anyone got any favourites?

Added on the 15th February:
  • The Plant a Billion Trees campaign is an initiative by The Nature Conservancy to restore Brazil's Atlantic Forest. Long isolated from its more famous cousin the Amazon, the Atlantic Forest is unusual in that it comprises a wide range of forest types and habitats. For this reason it is remarkably biodiverse and supports many highly endangered species.
    The aim of the campaign is to reforest 2.5 million acres and connect more than 12 million acres of existing, fragmented habitat with new forest corridors. One Dollar plants one tree!
Added on the 18th March:
  • David Attenborough's recent series on Madagascar featured Feedback Madagascar an organisation working on a number of projects which include the Wild Silk Forest Appeal. They aim to plant 30 000 trees to support the local wild silk industry and so encourage protection of the endemic tapia forest. And for those concerned about animal rights, unlike the cultivated silk industry, the cocoons for wild silk are collected after the moth has emerged.

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  1. Great idea and beautiful image. So many details and colors.

  2. SO pretty! It looks so jungle like, I FEEL like I am in Madagascar. :)

    Kappacavy (9)

  3. This is beautiful. Great details and depth. I like the way the background fades out. Feels real.

  4. Wow Cally, I love this! Tragic about the rainforests, Madagascar is such a unique place, but well done for highlighting something positive people can do. Think I'll make a donation :)


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